Staff Spotlight – Dr. Ian Law

Dr. Law is the Division Director of the Division of Pediatric Cardiology, and has been with Pediatrics for 19 years.

I work in the Division of Pediatric Cardiology with a focus on treating arrhythmias in children and patients with congenital heart disease. My start date at the University was on April 1, 2000. I was worried that when I walked into my office the first day there would be a sign that said “April fools, you don’t really have a job here.”

This is going to sound a little corny, but I love my job. I am surrounded by great people and we have been able to have a very positive impact on countless patients and families. What more can you ask for?

My wife , Laura, and I are both biomedical engineering graduates of the University of Iowa. Laura is a professor in the Physical Therapy program. Our oldest daughter, Erika, is a junior at the University of Iowa and the youngest is a junior at Iowa City, City High. As a family we enjoy traveling to the national parks and doing remodeling projects.

In my free time I enjoy running and spending time with my family. If you can call remodeling and home repair a hobby than I would say that what it is. My wife and I have remodeled every home we have lived in, helped others work on their houses and remodeled several cabins.

Favorite place to visit? I once gave a talk in Helsinki in June when there was 20 hours of daylight, that was pretty cool. My family and I also attended the wedding of some friends in Marseilles, France. We had a blast.

Favorite meal or restaurant? I used to travel to Vegas frequently for work (it is a long story). There was an Italian restaurant called Lupo’s at Manadaly Bay that I really enjoyed. My family and friends took a few cooking classes at there and ate far too much. I have a lot of fond memories at Lupo’s.

Favorite book or movie? I enjoyed reading the Harry Potter series to my daughters when they were in grade school. It is hard to pick a favorite movie but I would say I enjoy sports movies where the underdogs win, like “Remember the Titans”, or “Hoosiers”.

If I had three wishes, they would be 1. Plenty of years with my family, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren (one never knows) 2. A healthy earth that we all can enjoy. 3. A statewide collaborative pediatric cardiology and congenital heart program that can address many needs of this varied population.

Fun fact: I bike to work almost every day and have been fortunate to do so for more than 30 years. I sent a new personal record this year biking when it was 18 below (without the wind chill). My wife thinks I have too many bikes. I once went to Portland, Maine for a bike race that was actually in Portland, Oregon. Oops!

I am an identical twin and one of seven children that were born over the course of 8 years. I am not sure how my mom did it but she seems pretty happy.

2 thoughts on “Staff Spotlight – Dr. Ian Law

  1. Dr. Law is amazing as a Cardiologist & just as awesome as a caring & kind guy! Dr. Law’s positivity is a GIFT to UIHC in every way!

    I’ve been blessed beyond words – bless your HEART Dr. Law—-
    in every way – I’m SO VERY GRATEFUL to know him for decades now & I know my family members is / are SO VERY GRATEFUL for his love of cardiology: as well as his neat & down to earth personality too!

    Congrats on your 20 yrs as Cardiologist @ UIHC & here’s to many more decades of your love & dedication to those who’s lives you have touched in so many positive ways – mine is ONE of them & Dr. Law will know at least a couple of others ‘K’s’ too – of those I love who Dr. Law has been a GIFT to have in their cardiology / medical journey / our lives! <3

    Attitude 4 Gratitude….

    Just me,
    Kim K (B)

  2. Dr. Law is the best, we will be forever grateful for him coming into Noah’s life when we needed him most. We can’t imagine navigating heart disease without him- such a blessing!

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