Staff Spotlight – Carlisle Xavier

Carlisle provides administrative support to both the Divisions of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Pancreatology, and Nutrition; as well as Pediatric Infectious Diseases, and has been for about 2 years now.

I worked previously for Peds Psychology and the Child Protection Program, Adult Neurology, and Otolaryngology.

I have two cats: Bitty and Harry. I live close to my maternal Grandmother and eldest maternal Aunt. My maternal Uncle and his wife live in North Carolina. My youngest maternal Aunt, her husband, and her two cats live in New Hampshire. My brother, his wife, and their two kids and three dogs live in California.

I spend my weekends running errands and doing chores both at my house and my grandmothers. I like to read books and comic books while hanging with my cats. I also like to play PS4, watch Anime, and specialize in cooking Lasagna. I like to catch a movie and dinner with friends when possible.

Favorite place I’ve lived or visited? I grew up Army, so I have lived several places, but my all time favorite was Okinawa Japan. In fact, the last three generations of my family have encompassed every branch of the military: Army, Navy, Air Force, Maries, and Coast Guard.

Favortie food? The Shrimp Tempura from Sushi PoPo is amazing.

Favorite book or movie? The Sweet Potato Queens series is one of my favorite books. Any movie with Sandra Bullock is on my favorites list.

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