Staff Spotlight – Lauren Jordan, MPH, CHES

Lauren is a Clinical Trials and Data Management Research Associate in the Division of Medical Genetics.

I work in the Division of Medical Genetics and facilitate research for a variety of investigators in the Division. I serve as the coordinator between our staff, our patients and the industry sponsors of the trials and HawkIRB. My day consists from working on regulatory documents, drafting informed consents for studies, entering in patient data in the many different databases, all the way to working with patients to set up their next in-clinic visit and their travel arrangements to get to the appointment. There is not a day that something new is not occurring or there is problem that I have to solve. We currently have 6 (soon to be 7) open clinical trials that I coordinate along with 8 rare disease registries I assist with coordinating. This is my first position with UI Healthcare and I started this job December 2018.

I am originally from Spring Grove, Illinois ( the town with the “world’s largest” corn maze) which is about 3 and 1/2 hours from Iowa City. I currently live in Davenport, IA with my fiancĂ©, Chase VanOpdorp. I have a younger brother, Alec, he currently is the pitcher for the Rebels Baseball Club Inc., in Canberra, Australia. My parents Michelle and Dean Jordan still live in Spring Grove, with our family goldendoodle, Ami James Jordan (who is named after the famous tattoo artist Ami James) and come to Iowa to visit often.

Even though I grew up in the suburbs of Northern Illinois and I am just a hop, skip and jump from Wisconsin I love the teams of Chicago (besides the White Sox). Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bears, Chicago Blackhawks

In my free time I like to workout, spend time with family and friends. Now that I am engaged, spare time is filled with planning our September 2019 wedding, house hunting (which is accompanied by watching a lot of HGTV, where we think we are going to be the new Chip & Joanna). Also like to binge on Netflix series, followed by the ever so basic “reality” television shows such as The Bachelor, The Real Housewives series. We can’t forget about the 15 season of Grey’s Anatomy where I completed my “residency” and I now considered myself a doctor. I also love to dance, and danced for 21+years, so there is rarely a time where I am not dancing around the house or the office.

While obtaining my undergraduate and graduate degrees I quickly found that research peaked my interest especially women’s health and reproductive health, which in turn laid the ground work for my career in research. After graduating with my Master of Public Health, I was able to start my career in research and to make it even better it was in women’s health and reproductive health. So my dream job would be a Research Director in women’s health and reproductive health, conducting investigator initiated studies as well as participating in clinical trials and registries.

I have been to a few different fascinating places, France, England and Honduras and all of them are fascinating in their own ways. I went to France and England my senior year of high school through a program the school offered. This was exciting to see these two countries with my best friend and our close friends. I traveled to Honduras with a medical mission team during my first summer in grad school. This was my first medical mission trip and was one that I will be ever grateful for the experience and the memories I made while there.

As far as a favorite food, I love the ‘Gold Rush’ pizza at Harris Pizza in Bettendorf, IA. I’m a sucker for anything with cheese and garlic.

If I had 3 wishes, they would be 1. That medical bills would not burden people to seek and obtain the proper medical care they so desperately need. 2. That women’s reproductive autonym would be upheld in our courts without opposition 3. To be a witch, so I can wave my wand to do tasks that I don’t want to do such as the dishes, laundry, packing, and driving just to name a few.

My favorite movie is Backdraft (I know pretty much all the lines of the movie).

Fun fact: I have ran and finished 2 St. Louis Go! Half Marathons

1 thought on “Staff Spotlight – Lauren Jordan, MPH, CHES

  1. I have just finished reading about Lauren Jordan. I would have to say that she is one of the most interesting, caring out going there when something happens or is needed. What she has said is just a small part of her life. I should know im her Dad ( Bull ). Let me just say that My wife ( Michelle) and her brother ( Alec ) are so proud of her and the things she has accomplished. If you don’t know her well then you don’t know what you are missing. Im sure she has a open door policy, get to know her she will put a smile on your face.
    Thank you to the Administration of IC Hospital for taking her into Your Health care program.
    Thank you
    Dean Jordan.

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