SFCH Chosen as Single Site in North America for Trial

Dr. Nester’s research is in the area of complement mediated kidney disease. One such disease, C3 glomerulopathy, can be particularly devastating for affected children. Because no disease-directed treatments exist 50% of affected children progress to end stage renal disease within 10 years of diagnosis and up to 90% recur when a transplant kidney is placed.

Stead Family Children’s Hospital (under the guidance of Dr. Nester and her research team, Meredith Wisniewski and Monica Hall) will be the single site in North America that will offer access to a novel, first in class anti-complement agent (phase 2 trial) – that has the potential to facilitate a complete remission of complement-mediated renal disease both in the native kidney and in the setting of transplant recurrence.

“The major point is that there are A LOT of high powered glomerular disease centers out there (both adult and peds) – yet the pharmaceutical company deliberately sought us out to run this trial. The ability to prove that we can save a renal transplant (if we can) is HUGE!”, says Dr. Nester.

Background and further information can be found in Dr. Nester’s paper in Nature Reviews, “C3 glomerulopathy – understanding a rare complement-driven renal disease“.

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