Divisional Research Data Request

Data request from Donna Friel, Research Support Manager.

I am asking your assistance as we gather information for Dr. Vyas to present at the Faculty Noon Luncheon on April 1st. on Faculty Research Activity. We would like to present an overall view of our Research Enterprise for the calendar year of 2018 thru current.

Could you please gather the information requested below from your divisional faculty members and send to me by March 10th?

Here are the areas of interest:

*Publications: especially those from high-impact journals. (Please give journal name, complete citation and short description). Next year, ORCID would be utilized to gather this information.

*National and International Awards

*International Speaking Engagements ( When, Where, Group name or Organization, Title of Speech)

*Names of faculty that are or where Study section members for the NIH or Dept. or Dept. of Defense: (Name and name of study section)

*Mentoring in the Department or College of Medicine.

*Anything else a faculty member may think is important to show our research strength and growth.

Please note, we have tried collecting this information from several different sources, including APR, Noon News and Peds Express. We don’t want to miss recognizing someone on their accomplishments to our Research Enterprise. Thank you for your help.

How to return the information to me?

– in a spreadsheet from your division.

– copy and paste all of your faculty responses into one e-mail and send to me.

-forward their individual responses to me..

If you have any questions, please contact Donna Friel.

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