Faculty Spotlight – Joyce Goins-Fernandez, PhD

Meet Joyce (“Joy”) Goins-Fernandez, Clinical Assistant Professor in the Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.

I administer psychological and neuropsychological assessments to children and teens with attention and learning concerns. I also do individual therapy. Previously, I worked as a Research Associate in the Department of Psychiatry with Dr. Peg Nopoulos on her Kids-HD study (2011-2014). I eventually would like to run my own clinic. I have a passion for social justice; thus, I would try to work with underserved populations.

I recently got married. My husband is an English Literature professor at Western Illinois University. I’ve begun taking a Spanish class. So, in my free time, I’m usually studying Spanish and planning our next getaway, or watching the Green Bay Packers. I also enjoy reading and going to the movies. I have so many favorite movies, but “A Few Good Men” stands out for me.

I have visited Paris. I enjoyed visiting the Musee d’Orsay because I love impressionist art (especially Edgar Degas). I would love to go on a tour of Italy, win the lottery, and have more time in my schedule to do more outreach for underserved populations. The most interesting place I have lived in is New Orleans.

The most interesting place I have lived in is New Orleans. My favorite meal is my grandmother’s chicken and dumplings.

I have amazing prowess for parallel parking in tight spots :-).

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