Dr. Wacker Puts Mentoring Program in the Spotlight

Dr. David Wacker, Professor Emeritus, put the Department’s Mentoring Program in the spotlight in a recent issue of Behavior Analysis in Practice, particularly with regard to the behavior analysis training program.


“A unique aspect of the behavior analysis training program in the Department of Pediatrics at The University of Iowa is that there has never been a formal training program. We have never had an official funded internship or fellowship program, and there are no required courses (our faculty has taught only one course entitled “Behavioral Assessment and Evaluation” in the College of Education on a voluntary basis for the past 30 years) other than practicum courses within our clinical services. Fewer than half of the 45-plus students who received their PhDs with us came to Iowa to train with our staff or faculty, or to become behavior analysts. Instead, most enrolled in the School Psychology or Special Education PhD programs, and via the course or practicum experiences, came in contact with our faculty and staff in applied behavior analysis and then committed to becoming behavior analysts for their doctoral training.”

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