Department to Kick-Off Strategic Planning Initiative

The Department of Pediatrics has had remarkable success over the past decade in advancing our missions and pursuing our goal to be a world-class pediatric program. We are now initiating a multi-phase strategic planning process to set the vision, goals, and strategy for our department for the next decade. This process will afford us the opportunity to critically assess the progress we have made and determine where we need to go next in our pursuit of excellence. Our division and department leaders, including Division Directors, Vice Chairs and the Executive Leadership Team will drive this initiative.  Additionally, all staff will be invited to participate during one or more phases of the process.

Outlined below are the initial activities that will kick off the strategic planning process.  We have engaged an external consultant, Joe Benesh of the Ingenuity Company, who will help facilitate these activities.

  1. Focus Group Sessions

Focus group participants have been identified by division and department leaders to provide feedback as representatives of our faculty and staff. Throughout the focus group sessions, we encourage participants to provide candid thoughts and ideas on what you would like to see included in a strategic plan for Pediatrics. Email invitations will be forthcoming to identified representatives.  You may contact your Division Director or a department leader to find out who will be representing your division or area.

  1. Electronic Survey

Following completion of the focus group sessions, all staff will be invited to participate in a departmental survey to expand upon the information collected during the focus group sessions. The survey will provide each of you an opportunity to identify what we are doing well, what can be improved, and how we can best shape the direction of our department. This is your opportunity to provide direct feedback and information to be integrated into the strategic planning process. Further information and instruction for the survey will be disseminated at the appropriate time.

  1. Strategic Planning Session

After the information gathering is complete, our division and department leaders will engage in a strategic planning session with our consultant. This session will be guided by your input and perspectives to help establish the vision, goals and strategy for our department.

We encourage you to provide candid feedback throughout the process. This initiative is a significant undertaking, and the success of the process is directly dependent on how much it reflects the input of those who are ultimately responsible for its implementation.

Please visit with your Division Director or a department leader if you have questions about this initiative or if we can add further clarity to the process itself. We are excited to have you participate in our strategic planning process and we look forward to receiving your input. Thank you in advance for your participation and willingness to help with this department-wide initiative!


Raphael Hirsch, M.D.

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