Nurse call system helps communication

When the new University of Iowa Children’s Hospital opens Dec. 10, several new technologies will enhance patient satisfaction and safety by streamlining communication and boosting staff efficiency.

With the integrated nurse call system, a bedside control allows a patient to request assistance and explain what’s needed—water, pain medication, or help using the bathroom. Messages go directly to the designated nurse or nursing assistant’s Voalte smartphone. This allows a member of the care team to call the patient back or obtain medication before reaching the patient’s room. When a request is made, a light outside the patient’s room displays different colors and sounds to indicate the type of request.

In addition, nurse call is integrated with a Real-Time Location System, changing the light outside the patient’s room when a staff member enters. The staff member’s name and photo are displayed on TV and tablet screens through Oneview, an education and entertainment system for patients and families. Using Oneview, patients can order foods customized to their dietary needs, communicate how they are feeling, view educational videos selected by the care team, play games, and more.

The new integrated nurse call system reduces manual data entry, offers advanced reporting capabilities, and allows staff to request supplies or help from other staff or call a rapid response or code blue. A pilot of the nurse call system began on an existing pediatric unit in June, followed by a Oneview pilot later in the summer.