Office of The Patient Experience

The Patient Experience is shaped by the culture of UI Hospitals and Clinics and is the outcome of all who interact with one another across the continuum of care. We are ALL the Patient Experience. It is crucial that we all connect with compassion and purpose each and every time that we interact with our patients, visitors, and each other.

Our Patient Relations program is staffed with Patient Relations Specialists dedicated to specific areas where they assist patients and families when their experience is not what they expected from UI Hospitals and Clinics. These staff members work closely with patients and families to understand concerns and work closely with UI Hospitals and Clinics staff involved to find a resolution.

Our Patient Education Specialists are responsible for developing and coordinating activities related to patient education, health literacy, and plain language communication at UI Hospitals and Clinics. Our specialists work across all disciplines and are key in assuring we provide our patients and families optimal education regarding health conditions, promotion, and prevention.

Our Patient Experience Coaches drive Patient Experience strategy by working with areas and individuals to hardwire behaviors and skills through support and mentorship. Coaches partner with hospital leadership to develop and ensure effective and consistent implementation of behaviors that drive improvement strategies. Our Patient Experience Coaches currently lead our Compassionate Connected Care (C3) training, and assist with our Provider Communication Program training to enhance the communication our staff and faculty.

Our Guest Services department provides auxiliary services and programs to enhance the patient and family experience. A dedicated team of nearly 150 permanent staff, students and volunteers support Patient Escort and Valet services, Information Desks, Concierge Services, the Rossi Guest House Lodging Program and Centralized Equipment Distribution.

Our Spiritual Services department is comprised of professionally trained chaplains who help patients and families cope with distress from illness, injury and unanticipated life events. Chaplains respectfully meet patients and families within the context of their own beliefs, values, and situations. You do not need to be religious or spiritual to seek help from a chaplain. Catholic and Interfaith chaplains are available.

Our Interpreter Services department provides real-time interpreter and translation services for patients who do not speak English fluently or have hearing impairments. Patients and families can use these services during clinic visits, hospital stays, or other communication with hospital staff.  Our services include in person, telephone or video interpreting.

Current Goals and Focus

Our patients’ voices are provided to us by the patient satisfaction data that is collected by a paper or electronic survey that is distributed after a visit to UI Hospitals and Clinics. Once collected, analysis is completed by Press Ganey, our patient satisfaction vendor. Staff in the Office of The Patient Experience work throughout UI Hospitals and Clinics to understand what our patients are saying to us and on improvement efforts that are needed to assist in attaining being above the 90th percentile in “likelihood to recommend.”

Office of The Patient Experience Biographies

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Guest Services Biographies

Guest Services Supervisors assist hundreds of patients and visitors each day, whether directly on the front line or indirectly via their teams. (Left to Right) Mike Andrew, Paul Sanders, Vesta Rodby, Josh Vanden Berg and Doug Krutsinger.

Spiritual Services Biographies

Interpreting Services Biographies