QuIP: Quality Improvement Program

Team Summary

Our goal is to continuously improve the quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of healthcare for patients.  The focus is on improving patient outcomes and promoting a culture of quality and safety through education, communication, and facilitation.

Our office has four components:

  • Infection Prevention (Program of Hospital Epidemiology), which focuses on infection prevention and surveillance.
  • Performance Improvement Program, which focuses on clinical quality performance measures, clinical bench-marking, national registries, and public reporting initiatives.
  • Patient Safety Program, which focuses on patient safety and works in conjunction with the Joint Office for Compliance.
  • Operational Improvement, which provides facilitation that promotes our organization’s cultural commitment to applying the scientific method to designing, performing, and continuously improving the work delivered by teams of people, leading to measurably better value for patients and other stakeholders.

QuIP Biographies

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