Adrián Silva

Lead Hospital/Medical Interpreter


As a medical interpreter, I assist hospital staff in having effective communication with their non-English/limited English-speaking patients and families.

  • Help arrange interpreting services for patients and families
  • Educate units and clinics on the many aspects of interpreting and working with non-English or Limited English Speakers
  • Translate documents from English into Spanish and vice versa



Special Interests and Activities:

  • Soccer is one of my favorite activities in the world. Watching it, playing it, reading about it, studying it, you name it.
  • I love spending time with my sons Elías (4 years old), Ezra (3 years old), and Joaquín (5 months old) as well as my wife Alyssa. We like to go outdoors as much as possible, taking them on walks in the many trails or parks in town.
  • Star Wars


Pager: 9023
Phone: 319-467-5071
Office Address: C501 GH

When asked, “What inspires you?”:

“The sacrifices my mom made to give me the opportunities I have had are my main inspiration. Through her, I have learned that life is not worth living if you aren’t helping others. This inspires me to help the many patients and families I get to work with every single day. ”