Chad Michael McPherson, PhD

Operations Engineer


  • To leverage my talents to serve the interests of our patients, families, community, and the UIHC administration by eliminating wastes and collaborating with hospital staff to improve hospital and health care processes.
  • My aim is to find purpose and need within UIHC administration for my sociological mindset and my skills as a scientist, researcher, and teacher.
  • My areas of expertise include organizations, management, professions, decision-making, higher education administration and governance, and employing qualitative methods to better understand people, groups, organizational culture, and how collaborating professionals understand and solve problems.


  • PhD—Sociology, University of Iowa
  • MA—Sociology, University of Iowa
  • BA—Sociology/Anthropology/Psychology, Augustana College

Special Interests:

  • Professionally, I’m passionate about bringing the social sciences to healthcare administration.
  • Personally, in addition to my kids, I’m passionate about my golf game, improving at chess, a plant-based diet, biking, the Chicago Cubs, and live music.


Address: C523 GH
Phone: (319) 356-4842

When asked, “What inspires you?”

Equality, justice, and opportunity.