Shawn Buchholz, BA

Credentialing Supervisor


Shawn Buchholz is an Administrative Services Coordinator in the Clinical Staff Office.   In his role, Shawn has many responsibilities, including the following:

  • Processes and reviews initial and re-credentialing applications for UIHC practitioners every two years
  • Carefully reviews information to ensure all the details are correct as given and then entered into the CSO database
  • Verifies practitioners’ education, training and hospital affiliations per expected and defined standards and rules
  • Obtains completed peer references for practitioners prior to the granting of privileges in order to ensure that a practitioner’s caregiving experience and history match UIHC and departmental expectations
  • Ensures that individual background checks have been conducted and reviewed
  • Ensures that required compliances have been met
  • Distributes monthly re-credentialing/reaffirmation paperwork to the clinical departments for practitioner completion/review
  • Works with clients external to UIHC to provide credentialing services, including verifications, initial and re-credentialing documents, and the tracking of upcoming due dates
  • Ensures that quality standards are satisfied via the checking of timely and appropriate licensure and board certifications of all practitioners
  • Works with the CSO team to confirm all privileging requirements are met for new and continuing practitioners
  • Follows and completes all the proper steps to allow for timely provider billing

Education and Experience:

Shawn is originally from Tripoli, Iowa, having graduated from high school in 2009. Currently, Shawn resides in Cedar Falls which is his college hometown.  He attended Hawkeye Community college for two years and then gained work experience before deciding to finish his Bachelor’s degree in Communications Studies at the University of Northern Iowa in 2016.  Shawn has extensive work experience that began when he was in junior high.  Retail and campus work pre-dated his healthcare experience which launched in the spring of 2015 with an internship at VGM Homelink in Waterloo.  There he worked in the credentialing department for 2 years, followed by a brief stint at Principal Financial Group before re-entering the credentialing world at UIHC in March 2018.  His future aspirations include obtaining his Master’s degree.


  • Being active and going to the gym
  • Spending time with my family and my two dogs
  • Traveling & experiencing new places, with my favorite being a visit to New York three years ago.
  • Attending Chicago Cubs Baseball games
  • Biking
  • Trying new restaurants
  • Going to movies
  • Sports

When asked, “What inspires you?”

People who help others and volunteer their time inspire me.  Whether they are teachers, coaches or doctors, they all help others.  Regarding UIHC healthcare, I am inspired by how hard the staff works to ensure a great patient experience. On a personal level, I have had several family members as patients at UIHC and every time the staff has gone above and beyond to make my family members feel that they are cared about and matter.  I want all patients and their families to feel that they are valued at UIHC.  This is one of the reasons I enjoy my job.  The CSO plays a large part in practitioners obtaining privileges leading to high quality patient care.  I come to my job everyday feeling like I make a difference because I am helping practitioners obtain privileges and critiquing and making sure they have the appropriate credentials so UIHC can strive for excellence in patient care.  By doing this, UIHC will continue to be known nationwide as a respected healthcare provider.


Office: C123 GH
Phone: (319) 384-9290