Monthly Archives: December 2023

Our Stories: Reflecting back and looking forward

Let me be the first to wish you a Happy New Year 2024! It is hard to believe that in less than a month we will ring in a new year. It is a time of great change here at UI Health Care. Perhaps one can consider this the start of a new era. We have welcomed a new VPMA and a new CEO who are already actively engaged and moving us forward in our missions. We will bring Mercy Hospital, with its great tradition of community-based healthcare, into our family by the end of January. The North Liberty hospital is moving forward on time, and the planning for how we will care for our patients there is well underway. Finally, we are planning a new inpatient tower, and though it won’t be a reality for several years, it is inspiring to think of the benefits of this wonderful new space. So much change… so much opportunity… so much unknown. In the same breath, I will say we have so much that is constant and very good. We have a great team that continues to do great things each and every day. Health care organizations have gone through so much change in the last few years, and we have weathered this storm, and for that and so much more, I am proud to be a part of this team and this organization.   

It is a great time to look forward and to look back. So many efforts are ongoing to improve our quality of care, our satisfaction (both for patients and for our staff), our safety, and the efficiency and effectiveness of our systems and processes. So many times, in this blog, we have talked about change. I believe that there is only one constant in health care today, and that is change itself. We must never be satisfied with the journey to excellence in how we care for our patients, how we engage and value our employees and how we change medicine for the future through research and education. Change is difficult, there is no doubt about that, and it takes energy and intent to make it happen. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” As we move forward into 2024, with all these imminent changes, we must remember that it first took someone to dream of a new opportunity in order for it to become our future reality.  

Many thanks to each of you for all you have done this year to make UI Health Care a great place to work, to be a patient, and to learn. Your efforts each and every day have and will set us up for great success in the many years to come. I wish you peace and joy, much happiness, and some well-deserved rest and relaxation during this holiday season. 

-Theresa Brennan