Monthly Archives: February 2023

Our Stories: The Joint Commission visit

I came to work this week with new energy and excitement! For the last many months, I’ve started each Monday wondering if The Joint Commission would arrive and each week, I would feel both disappointment that they didn’t come, as well as a bit of relief—knowing the stress that survey week often brings.  

But once the surveyors arrived, our months-long preparation and hard work was rewarded. We left a positive impression on the surveyor team, who noted it was clear we have a wonderful team of people who are passionate about being here. On top of that, our final report showed zero condition level findings and no need for a resurvey. Every Joint Commission survey provides the opportunity for improvement and we have some, and we will work together to address them. Rarely, though, does a hospital hear the great praise that we heard last week. We heard about how you welcomed the surveyors, how you are constantly focused on the quality of care and safety of our patients through consistent practices, how you work so well together, and overall, what a great team of people you are. I speak for the entire leadership team when I say that this is no surprise to us and that we are so proud of how you handled the survey and for what you do each and every day for our patients and for each other. 

We have faced many obstacles during these last three years, and I know how challenging it has been for each of you.   I am grateful that you have chosen to remain a part of this great team and that you come to work each day focused on helping people. 

I ask that—as you start this new month in this new year—you take a moment to reflect on all the good you and your colleagues have done. I hope that this fills you with the same great energy, excitement, and gratitude that I feel.    

You make a difference! 

-Theresa Brennan, MD