Monthly Archives: February 2022

Our Stories: Focusing on Wellness

First, I want to say thank you. Thank you for your continued commitment and effort after another challenging month. Thank you for being there for our patients and for each other. 

After a stressful and at times chaotic January, we’re not out of the omicron surge just yet, but numbers are moving in the right direction. That’s good news. 

I know it hasn’t been easy to prioritize wellness during an ongoing pandemic that doesn’t seem to give any reprieve. That’s why this month’s message is focused on wellness. You may think, “How does wellness fit in a quality and safety newsletter?” I actually see the two as deeply connected. When you feel strong, both physically and mentally, you’re better able to care for your patients, support your coworkers, and just be your best self.  

There are so many resources available to us right now for support. I encourage you to learn more about the COPE Team. Another opportunity is an upcoming forum on health and well-being, held by liveWELL, our university partner. I also encourage you to bookmark this page, which is full of resources to support employee well-being with everything from physical health, emotional support, and resiliency tools. 

Did you know there is only about a month and a half to go until the sun sets after 7 p.m.? It may seem like a small thing, but for me, something as simple as having a bit more daylight is giving me something to look forward to and keep me going through these long winter days and freezing temperatures. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, and be well. Thank you, again, for all you’re doing to support the safety of our patients and others.

—Theresa Brennan, MD