Monthly Archives: April 2020

Our Stories: Covid-19

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is now another one of “Our Stories.” It is in our community and I would venture that each of you has now have someone you know who has been infected. When this occurs, and when we see community transmission of infections locally, it becomes very personal. This leads each of us to begin to think about and worry about many things. For you, the issues are magnified as you are health care workers.

This blog has been devoted to “Our Stories” from the beginning and for most of them they are very positive. COVID-19 is not a positive story, but I think there are things we can do make it into one.

I would offer three things:

  1. First, all those working within UI Health Care are not new to facing great and complex challenges. It was recently said that we are made for this and I agree.  No matter what happens, we will FIGHT this and we will ultimately win the battle.  We can only do this, though, by standing together.
  2. Second, our community has been amazing in joining us in this battle. Be grateful for the entire UI Health Care team and our community. Show your gratitude with the WE STAND TOGETHER campaign.
  3. Finally, focus on what we can control, and focus on the positive. I am disappointed by all the negative that we see today. Be empowered, and focus on the positive.

Together, we’ll get through this.