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Xu Liu receives graduate mentor award

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Xu Liu, a graduate student in the Fuentes lab, has been awarded the Sandra H. Barkan Outstanding Graduate Mentor for 2013. The award, named for the former Associate Dean of the Graduate College, recognizes graduate students who show exceptional mentorship of undergraduates and junior graduate students. Since joining the Fuentes lab, Xu has mentored three undergraduate or junior graduate students, including Ann Murray, Lisa Golden and Josue Lopez. His recent first-author paper in Structure included Ann, who characterized the binding specificity in the syndecan family of Tiam1 PDZ domain. Xu is currently preparing two manuscripts with his other mentees, Lisa and Josue, on the inhibition and structure of Tiam PDZ domains.

Previous recipients of this award include Xiao Peng, a 2011 PhD with Kris DeMali. Congratulations, Xu!

Fuentes group featured on the March 5 cover of Structure

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Dr. Ernie Fuentes was senior author on a study on the Tiam1 PDZ domain bound with (phos) syndecan1 (SDC1) ligands. The x-ray crystallographic studies show how the Tiam1 PDZ domain preferentially interacts with a subset of SDC proteins, while NMR studies indicate the dynamic decoupling stimulated by SDC1 phosphorylation. The findings reveal a phosphorylation-based regulation mechanism on the selection of SDC ineratome. The paper was published in the March 5 issue of Structure, along with a cover image that illustrates the syndecan intractome and how a PDZ domain selects its partner protein. The paper is also a recommended article on Faculty of 1000 Prime, and is co-authored by current and former members of the Fuentes lab including current graduate students Xu Liu (first author) and Zhen Xu, former graduate student Tyson Shepherd, and Ann Murray.

Three members of the department receive American Heart Association awards

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Defying all odds, three members of the department have received American Heart Association monies after the winter application cycle. This reflects a 100 percent success rate for AHA applications in the department for that cycle.

Dr. Madeline Shea received a Grant-in-Aid award for her work entitled “Calmodulin-Mediated Regulation of Calcineurin”. The long-term goal is to understand the calcium-mediated effects of calcineurin on the events that commit a cell to become heart muscle.

Dr. Jiannan Guo, a postdoctoral fellow with David Price, was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship to support his work on the transcription elongation by RNA Polymerase II.

Xu Liu, a graduate student with Ernie Fuentes, was awarded a predoctoral fellowship to complete his PhD work on “Determining the mechanism of Tiam1/syndecan1 signaling in cell adhesion and migration.”

Congratulations to Madeline, Jiannan and Xu for these awards!


Xu Liu’s research poster honored during Research Week

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Congratulations to Xu Liu, a graduate student in the Fuentes lab, whose poster was selected as a “most outstanding entry” by the Carver College of Medicine during Research Week 2012. This year’s Research Week (April 2-4, 2012), a joint venture between CCOM, the College of Pharmacy, the College of Public Health, the Institute for Clinical and Translational Science, and the VA Health System, focused on neuroscience. Xu’s poster, entitled “Specificity, Structure, Dynamics and Inhibition of Tiam1 PDZ Domain/Syndecan1 Complex,” was one of three per session selected by CCOM for a $350 prize.

Two Biochemistry members receive recognition for research presentations

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Xu Liu, a graduate student in the Fuentes lab, was awarded the best student/postdoc oral presentation at the Great Plains Regional Annual Symposium on Protein and Biomolecular NMR (GRASP). The title of his talk was “Specificity, structure, and dynamics of Tiam1 PDZ domain ligand-bound complexes.”

Diane Cryderman, a research associate in the Wallrath lab, was awarded a Mary Jo Small Travel Fellowship to attend the NCI Center for Excellence in Chromosome Biology meeting on the National Institutes of Health campus November 1-2, 2011. The award was given for her poster, entitled “Multiple Interactions between Heterochromatin Protein 1 (HP1) and Nucleosomes.”

Highlights of the Annual Retreat

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

The 2011 Biochemistry Annual Retreat, chaired by Lori Wallrath and Lacy Barton, was held on Saturday, August 27 at the Coralville Public Library. Short talks were given in the morning by Kris DeMali, Larry Gray, Lacy Barton, Daniel Weeks,  Todd Washington, Xu Liu, Aaron Ver Heul and Madeline Shea. After lunch, talks were given by Marc Wold, Charles Brenner and Miles Pufall .

The poster session featured 31 posters. Seven awards were given in two divisions. Ashley Angell from the DeMali laboratory and Kristen Syring from the Wallrath laboratory won first and second place in the undergraduate division. In the post-doctoral and staff division, Rebecca Fagan from the Brenner laboratory took first place.  There was a three way tie for second place between Jennifer Bays from the DeMali laboratory, Brett Waite from the Shea laboratory, and Kuo-Kuang Wen from the Rubenstein laboratory.

Two Lois Bigger Gehring Awards  were given to support graduate student travel to research conferences. These awards were given to John Pryor from the Washington laboratory and Alexey Soshnev from the Geyer laboratory.

Thanks to everyone for participating.