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Dr. Andrew Norris Appointed Associate Director, FOEDRC

Dr. Andrew Norris, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Biochemistry at the University of Iowa has been appointed to Associate Director of the Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center (FOEDRC). Dr. Norris is a physician-scientist whose research is focused on the causes and treatments of diabetes across the lifespan. He received his PhD in molecular biophysics and MD from Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis. Dr. Norris was trained in diabetes research and pediatric endocrinology at the Joslin Diabetes Center and Boston Children’s Hospital, both at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Norris already supports the mission of the FOEDRC by organizing a scientific research development discussion group to increase the success of research grant applications, in addition to providing scientific expertise in developing critical experimental techniques in the metabolism research core laboratories for measuring glucose metabolism and insulin resistance in laboratory animals that will be used by many members of the FOEDRC. In his new role, Dr. Norris will increase his duties by expanding career development tools available to FOEDRC Investigators such as developing and enhancing pre-submission review opportunities and other approaches that will increase the likelihood of success of grant proposals submitted by FOEDRC members. He will also assist in coordinating the weekly Diabetes & Obesity Talk series which draws talented research speakers from around the country. Dr. Norris will work closely with Dr. Abel in providing leadership and strategic planning to foster ongoing success and growth of the FOEDRC.

Congratulations, Dr. Norris!

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