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Busy Spring for biochemistry faculty

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Biochemistry faculty have been busy this Spring. Dr. Marc Wold gave a seminar at Washington University in January. In February, he attended the Keystone meeting on DNA Replication and Recombination in Banff, Canada.  Dr. Wold chaired the DNA Repair/Recombination Processes Workshop and gave a workshop talk and a poster on his lab’s research.

Dr. David Price spoke at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign on March 1 on the “Mechanisms of RNA Polymerase II Elongation Control: The role of Gdown1 and Myc as non-sequence specific factors.”  Dr. Miles Pufall spoke at Texas A&M University on March 20 and will be presenting a Medical Sciences seminar at Indiana University on April 8 entitled, “The glucocorticoid receptor as signal integrator: understanding treatment resistance in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.”

Dr. Charles Brenner spoke at the Clinical Translation of Epigenetics in Cancer Therapy’s Biennial Workshop and spoke at Duke University’s Sarah W. Stedman Nutrition & Metabolism Center in January.  In February, he was a guest speaker of the Distinguished Scientist Lecture Series hosted by the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer at the University of Montreal.  And just before Spring Break, Dr. Brenner represented ASBMB at the AAMC Council of Academic Societies meeting in Ft. Lauderdale.


Fuentes group featured on the March 5 cover of Structure

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Dr. Ernie Fuentes was senior author on a study on the Tiam1 PDZ domain bound with (phos) syndecan1 (SDC1) ligands. The x-ray crystallographic studies show how the Tiam1 PDZ domain preferentially interacts with a subset of SDC proteins, while NMR studies indicate the dynamic decoupling stimulated by SDC1 phosphorylation. The findings reveal a phosphorylation-based regulation mechanism on the selection of SDC ineratome. The paper was published in the March 5 issue of Structure, along with a cover image that illustrates the syndecan intractome and how a PDZ domain selects its partner protein. The paper is also a recommended article on Faculty of 1000 Prime, and is co-authored by current and former members of the Fuentes lab including current graduate students Xu Liu (first author) and Zhen Xu, former graduate student Tyson Shepherd, and Ann Murray.

Rubenstein chosen for prestigious teaching award

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Professor Peter Rubenstein has been chosen by the Council on Teaching as one of this year’s recipients of the President and Provost Award for Teaching Excellence. Professor Rubenstein is a nationally known educator whose innovative teaching methods include Case-Based Learning and a number of songs about metabolic dysfunctions.  This award recognizes his dedication to teaching and his unmatched contributions to graduate, post-graduate, medical and faculty education throughout his career at the University of Iowa.

Washington receives 2012-2013 Collegiate Teaching Award

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Congratulations to Professor Todd Washington, the winner of this year’s Carver College of Medicine Collegiate Teaching Award. Prof. Washington’s ability to make complicated concepts in biochemistry accessible and interesting are traits that his students and colleagues appreciate about his engaging teaching style.   Prof. Washington is a nationally known researcher on the interfaces between DNA repair and replication.

Madeline Shea awarded for service

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Dr. Madeline Shea received the 2012 College of Medicine Faculty Service Award at a special event at Brown Deer Golf Club. Dr. Shea was lauded for the development of the FUTURE program which has brought 17 faculty and instructors, 5 fellows and 18 undergraduate students from 16 different institutions to engage and collaborate in research over the past 4 years.  Participants’ research interests ranged from anatomy and cell biology to radiology.  Dr. Shea is an internationally known pioneer of statistical thermodynamic models of complex biological systems.  She has been the advisor for 11 PhD and MS students, served on committees for 59 graduate students and has mentored a remarkable 42 undergraduate students in her lab.