Wear a helmet – It’s like insurance for your head

Whether you are riding a bike, motorcycle, skateboard, or any other device that puts you in a position to take a hard fall, it is a good idea to wear a helmet. In those situations, helmets are your only defense against head injuries which can range from minor to life threatening. Purchase a discounted child’s helmet from the UI Children’s Hospital Safety Store.

Adopt a pet – “Here Buddy!”

As anyone with a pet will tell you, having a pet is a great source of companionship. Having a pet has been shown to be especially beneficial to the elderly, who may not have as many opportunities for companionship. This is a great way to increase quality of life when seniors may not be as active as they used to be.

Get married – “I do”

It is hard to put a finger on exactly why married couples live longer than life–long bachelors or bachelorettes. It could be that they receive better mental and emotional support, or that married couples tend to take fewer risks. It could even be as simple as having someone to take care of you when you are sick.

More love making – Come here, honey!

Sex has numerous physical and psychological benefits. Men who have sex three times a week can decrease their risk of heart attack and stroke by 50 percent, while women who enjoy sex have been shown to live longer than women who don’t. Having sex can both increase your self–esteem while at the same time reducing your risk of depression.

Get proper immunizations before leaving the country – Not to be confused with diplomatic immunity

One of the most important preparations you must take before leaving the country is getting immunized. Depending on what country you are going to, different vaccines may be required. Different countries have different germs and prevalent diseases, so you need to prepare your immune system to deal with these new threats.

Use condoms – Wrap it up

Condoms are important because they reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV or AIDS. Needless to say, you can also cut your risks of contracting these diseases by being abstinent or only having one sexual partner. However, if you engage in risky sexual behavior, be sure to always have a condom.