Patients access records with MyChart

Patients seen in the departments of Dermatology and Radiation Oncology, the Heart and Vascular Center, and Women’s Health now have secure, Web-based access to electronic versions of their medical records. Eventually, patients will be able to communicate online with clinicians and nursing staff.

Since July 20, when the pilot phase of MyChart was launched, almost 3,500 patients have received authorization codes, and more than 1,100 have activated their MyChart account online. That rate of participation is consistent with introductions of MyChart at other major academic medical centers. MyChart is a feature of Epic, the electronic medical record and order-entry system for all patient care and ancillary services.

Currently, referring physician can access their patients’ released chart documents through UI CareLink. Broader access will be available next year.

MyChart will be activated across all clinic areas of UI Hospitals and Clinics by Spring 2011. Patients with questions or who need additional information should contact UI Health Access at 800-777-8442 or 319-384-8442.

2 Responses to “Patients access records with MyChart”

  1. Hazel Loomis says:

    Would like to have my wife (Hazel’s) I D number

  2. duggana says:

    Dear Mr. Loomis,
    Your wife should be able to get the information she needs for access at her next appointment. I am sorry. I am not able to access this information for you.

    Anne Duggan
    Editor, UI Consult