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In our continuous Quest for top-notch Patient Safety, Quality, and Service Excellence 


Monthly Patient Safety, Quality, and Service Excellence updates from the Chief Medical Officer



Protecting patient confidentiality

Have you ever had to discuss a patient’s condition or other protected health information (PHI) during rounds, in a semi-private room, on the phone, or at nursing stations where you may be overheard? Read tips on protecting patient confidentiality. 


Refocused documentation efforts post ICD-10

The mechanics of ICD-10-CM (diagnosis coding) are actually very similar to ICD-9. Therefore, the biggest learning curve for most will be in procedure (PCS) coding. ICD-10-PCS is a completely new coding system with its own guidelines, so documentation requirements will be different. Read more.


Taking the “Wait” Out of the Work

A new multidisciplinary team at the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Iowa is focusing on the new patient referral process. The goals of this team include: 1) decreasing the time from a phone referral to seeing the patient in clinic, and 2) increasing the “value” of the first patient visit. Read about improvements being made (PDF).


Office of The Patient Experience

Service Excellence event recap

See photos and comments from last week’s Service Excellence event.


Keys to Success!

Tips on communicating and listening, including both positive and “missed the mark” comments from our patients.


Clinics: positive patient comments

Read more patient comments from our clinics, received in October.


Patient Safety

Hand hygiene adherence

·         Sept. 27 to Oct. 3

·         Oct. 4 to 10

·         Oct. 11 to 17

·         Oct. 18 to 24

·         Oct. 25 to 31



·         Good Catch Award: Ebe Boettcher, RRT

·         Making a Difference Award recipients, Oct. 2015

·         PHIL Award honors outstanding respiratory therapists

·         UI wins UHC Supply Chain Award

·         DAISY Award: Jennifer Off, BSN, RN, OCN

·         2015 UI Physicians Clinical Award winners