Recognize Someone: UI Health Care Rewards and Recognition Programs

UI Health Care Vision: World Class People—Fostering a culture of excellence that values, engages, and enables our workforce

UI Health Care is committed to creating and maintaining a work environment that nurtures excellence. In doing so, UI Health Care Human Resources offers many opportunities to recognize individuals, develop careers, and celebrate achievements.

Award categories:

Recognition Tools

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  • Send an e-card or create a certificate to recognize someone’s work or encourage effort:
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  • Making a Difference
    • Focus: To support the special efforts that makes a difference to our patients, their families, our co-workers, and the public we serve, reflecting our commitment to innovative care, excellent service, and exceptional outcomes
    • Initiator: All UI Health Care Faculty, staff, or volunteers
    • Eligible recipient: All UI Health Care faculty, staff, and volunteers
    • Timing: Ongoing
    • Online nomination – Making a Difference nomination form
  • Service Star Award for Service Excellence
    • Focus: Nominate a UI Health Care staff member for going the extra inch beyond one or more of our 8 Key Behaviors, for a patient, family, or colleague.
    • Initiator: All UI Health Care faculty, staff, or volunteers
    • Eligible recipients: All UI Health Care faculty, staff, or volunteers
    • Timing: Ongoing
    • Service Star online nomination form or use the nomination cards found throughout the hospital


Career Development

  • Certification Recognition for Tertiary Health Bargaining Unit Staff
    • Focus: Compensation ($500) for obtaining and maintaining a position related certification
    • Initiator: Applicant
    • Eligible recipient: SEIU staff members only
    • Timing: Annual
    • Procedure: Submit application form, obtain management/supervisory approval. Form should be forwarded to departmental HR to be attached to a workflow voucher.
    • Visit The Point: Human Resources, UI Health Care, Rewards and Recognition
  • Professional Development Award
    • Focus: Awardees may use the award to cover the fee for Learning & Development courses
    • Initiator: Applicant
    • Eligible recipients: Staff members employed in a regular appointment, 50 percent or greater
    • Timing: Spring and Fall Semesters
    • Procedure: Staff members receive an email notification; submit a completed award application to UI Learning & Development. Awards are selected through a lottery drawing. Only one application per person.
    • Visit or email
  • Tuition Reimbursement
    • Focus: Allows eligible faculty and staff to apply for financial assistance to help defray the cost of tuition for one college credit course–can be applied toward a relevant degree, certification, or training relevant to staff member’s UI Health Care position.
    • Initiator: Applicant
    • Eligible recipient: P&S, SEIU, Merit Exempt and confidential paid by UI Health Care (50 percent or greater appointment). Must be employed for one continuous year by deadline.
    • Timing: Semester
    • Procedure: Electronic application through Employee Self Service prior to application deadline (Personal > Learning and Development > Tuition Assistance Application). Application routes via workflow to supervisor, approval required prior to supervisor deadline.
    • Visit: Tuition Reimbursement


  • Milestone Achievement Program
    • Focus: Years of continuous service at the University of Iowa; recognition gifts given at each 5-year milestone
    • Initiator: UI Health Care Human Resources
    • Eligible recipient: All UI Health Care faculty and staff (50 percent or greater) who are in a continuous permanent position
    • Timing: Monthly
    • Procedure: Department receives and presents award to employee
  • Retirement


  • Staff Appreciation Grants
    • Focus: Funding provided to units during the fiscal year for use toward appreciation/recognition efforts in their specific area.
    • Initiator: Department (HR rep or supervisor)
    • Eligible recipient: All faculty and staff
    • Timing: One per fiscal year
    • Procedure: Must submit a written recognition program and an approximate budget noting how the funds will be used. Maximum request is $300 per application, totaling less than $10/person.
    • Staff Appreciation Grant
  • Wellness Grants
    • Focus: Providing grant funds directly to departments for activities that promote physical and emotional health and well-being
    • Initiator: UI employee
    • Eligible recipient: All faculty and staff
    • Timing: Once per fiscal year
    • Must submit Wellness Grant Application and follow guidelines. Maximum request is $500 per application, totaling $10/person.

Department awards

  • DAISY Award
    • Focus: Rewards and celebrates extraordinary clinical skill and compassionate care given by a nurse
    • Initiator: Patients, visitors, faculty/staff, or volunteers
    • Eligible recipients: Nursing staff only
    • Timing: Monthly
    • Paper nomination form is submitted to Central Nursing Office and the Retention Committee selects a winner, DAISY Award nomination form
  • PHIL (Pulmonary Health and Illnesses of the Lung) Award for respiratory therapists
    • Focus: Recognizes excellence in respiratory therapy for outstanding care, treatment, professional excellence, and compassion with a patient and/or family dealing with pulmonary illness
    • Initiator: Patients, visitors, faculty, or staff
    • Eligible recipients: Respiratory therapists
    • Timing: Annual
    • PHIL Award nomination form
  • ROSIE Award
    • Focus: Recognizing social workers
    • Initiator: Patients, visitors, faculty, and staff
    • Eligible: Social workers
    • Timing: Monthly
    • Nominations are submitted to Social, Patient, and Family Services for the “Social Worker of the Month.” ROSIE Award nomination form.
  • Helping Hands
    • Focus: An award program for Merit Staff involved in direct patient care who are excelling in their roles to provide exceptional patient care and interactions
    • Initiator: Patients, families, visitors, UI Health Care staff members
    • Eligible: Merit Staff who perform direct patient care
    • Timing: Monthly
    • Document holders are around units with nomination forms. Nominations are sent to Nursing Recruitment. A committee decides who should be awarded each month. Presentations are given on the unit, as well as cookies and fruit. Helping Hands nomination form.