Join a Winter Volleyball League on a Pediatrics Team

Meaghan Reaney (PL-3) is in the process of organizing an indoor volleyball team for a Coralville league from January-March 2020.

  • The Competitive League takes place on Tuesdays from January 14th through March 14th from 6-9pm (times vary by week)
  • The Non-competitive League takes place on Wednesdays January 15th through March 15th from 6-9pm (times vary by week)

If interested, please contact Meg by email at She will put together a list, figure out costs for the league, and find some open gym time to scrimmage before hand!

November 2019 Wellness Updates

Be sure to check out the attached list of November 2019 Wellness Updates from liveWell. The updates this month include:

  • a Green Living Wellness Challenge encouraging behaviors to reduce your carbon footprint,
  • a TIAA discussion the latest trends in the financial markets and the global economy that could effect your financial health, and
  • a webinar supporting healthy weight maintenance.

Healthiest State Walk Participants

Congratulations to the admin staff that participated in the Healthiest State Annual Walk over the lunch hour today. The group made it from the hospital, past MERF, past the Nursing Building, across the river, and then along the river to the IMU, back across the river, up through the College of Public Health, past MERF again, and then back to the hospital. All in 30 minutes.

Thanks to Connie Phommaly for organizing it!

Upcoming Wellbeing Conferences in the Fall

Here are some suggestions for some wellness conferences coming up this Fall, courtesy of the Pediatrics Department Wellness Committee:

  • September 20 – TIAA Financial Planning Conference – A Woman’s Guide to Financially Ever After
    • 7:30-9:00 AM, Seebohm Conference Room
    • Retirement is not as far away as you think! Learn what you can do to help plan for your retirement dream to come true on schedule. Workshop not just for Women! TIAA’s workshop leader will share retirement strategies that can:
      • Identify your “retirement vision” – how much you will need and when
      • Learn steps you can take that may get your finances on track to help reach your ideal retirement in 10 to 15 years
      • Learn the unique characteristics of retirement plans from 403(b) to IRAs to annuities to help you determine which work best for you
    • More information and registration can be found here.
  • October 5 – CCOM Faculty Development Office: Pace Yourself: Manage your Career to Avoid Burnout
  • 8:00-noon with lunch (faculty members only at this time)
  • Careers are marathons, not sprints, and in order to thrive throughout your career, you need to understand how to pace yourself. Did you know that overachievers are more likely to experience burnout? People who are driven to excel are also more likely to work long hours, over promise their time, and ignore their own needs. While this can skyrocket a career in the short term, in the long term it can lead to exhaustion, frustration, and plain old burn out. Please join us to learn more about how best to maintain a pace that will allow you to thrive.
  • Free registration!
  • October 22 – CCOM Faculty Development Office: Time Management
  • 7:30-9:00 AM, UIHC East Room, led by Susan Johnson, MD, former UI Ombudsperson
  • Like any other skill, time management takes practice, so if you’ve been to Dr. Johnson’s workshops in the past, feel free to join again. She will cover improving to-do lists, finding time for writing or project work, and managing email.
  • To register, contact Denise Jurca (
  • November 12-12 – IMS Workshop for Healthcare Leaders: Leading with Leading to Burnout
  • The Hotel at Kirkwood Center, Cedar Rapids
  • In today’s employment environment retaining your best and brightest is key. Leading without Leading to Burnout, is a two-day workshop for healthcare executives (i.e., CMO, CEO, CFO, COO, CNO, etc.), administrators, departments heads, and managers that will:
    • Identify leadership behaviors that result in burnout
    • Recognize how leadership has contributed to employee burnout in the past
    • Determine what leadership needs to do differently.
    • Discover tools and techniques to lead without leading to burnout
    • Develop a personal plan of action
  • For more information contact Becca Kritenbrink at IMS (