Pediatrics Research Day Poster Session Award Winners

Congratulations to the following award winners for their posters at last Friday’s Pediatrics Research Day on April 5, 2019.

  • Basic Poster Winners
    • Camilla Hippee Measles Virus Exits Primary Human Airway Epithelial Sheets by Infectious Center Sloughing
    • Amy Stanford Human beta defensing-2 significantly decreases intestinal injury in experimental necrotizing enterocolitis.
  • Clinical Poster Winners
    • Jared Peterson Neurocognitive Function in Pediatric Brain Tumor Survivors
    • Matthew Solomon Pediatric Chronic Kidney Disease is Associated with Abnormal White Matter Integrity on Diffusion Tensor Imaging.

Congratulations to all participants and attendees for another successful Pediatrics Research Day!

Carter Receives Grant from ADA

Calvin Carter, a post-doc research scholar in Dr. Sheffield’s lab, recently received a grant for “Glycemic Lowering Mechanisms of Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields in Mouse Models of Type 2 Diabetes” from the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

The award provides $61,388/year for 3 years, for a total of $190,413. Dr. Sheffield will serve as mentor on the project, with Calvin as the PI.

Congratulations, Calvin!

Dr. Grose Receives New Subcontract

Congratulations to Dr. Chuck Grose in Pediatric Infectious Diseases for his new subcontract for “Identification and Characterization of Children with Asthma Associated Comorbidities Through Computational and Immune Phenotyping“.

The NIH-funded research was provided to Mayo Clinic, who then subcontracted with Dr. Grose for this portion of the grant. The grant provides $38,125/year for 4 years, for a total of $152,500. Congratulations, Dr. Grose!

SFCH Chosen as Single Site in North America for Trial

Dr. Nester’s research is in the area of complement mediated kidney disease. One such disease, C3 glomerulopathy, can be particularly devastating for affected children. Because no disease-directed treatments exist 50% of affected children progress to end stage renal disease within 10 years of diagnosis and up to 90% recur when a transplant kidney is placed.

Stead Family Children’s Hospital (under the guidance of Dr. Nester and her research team, Meredith Wisniewski and Monica Hall) will be the single site in North America that will offer access to a novel, first in class anti-complement agent (phase 2 trial) – that has the potential to facilitate a complete remission of complement-mediated renal disease both in the native kidney and in the setting of transplant recurrence.

“The major point is that there are A LOT of high powered glomerular disease centers out there (both adult and peds) – yet the pharmaceutical company deliberately sought us out to run this trial. The ability to prove that we can save a renal transplant (if we can) is HUGE!”, says Dr. Nester.

Background and further information can be found in Dr. Nester’s paper in Nature Reviews, “C3 glomerulopathy – understanding a rare complement-driven renal disease“.

Divisional Research Data Request

Data request from Donna Friel, Research Support Manager.

I am asking your assistance as we gather information for Dr. Vyas to present at the Faculty Noon Luncheon on April 1st. on Faculty Research Activity. We would like to present an overall view of our Research Enterprise for the calendar year of 2018 thru current.

Could you please gather the information requested below from your divisional faculty members and send to me by March 10th?

Here are the areas of interest:

*Publications: especially those from high-impact journals. (Please give journal name, complete citation and short description). Next year, ORCID would be utilized to gather this information.

*National and International Awards

*International Speaking Engagements ( When, Where, Group name or Organization, Title of Speech)

*Names of faculty that are or where Study section members for the NIH or Dept. or Dept. of Defense: (Name and name of study section)

*Mentoring in the Department or College of Medicine.

*Anything else a faculty member may think is important to show our research strength and growth.

Please note, we have tried collecting this information from several different sources, including APR, Noon News and Peds Express. We don’t want to miss recognizing someone on their accomplishments to our Research Enterprise. Thank you for your help.

How to return the information to me?

– in a spreadsheet from your division.

– copy and paste all of your faculty responses into one e-mail and send to me.

-forward their individual responses to me..

If you have any questions, please contact Donna Friel.

Pediatric Biostats Support Pilot Program

The Department is initiating a pilot program to provide statistical support to the Department of Pediatrics. Please see the description of the program and the form to complete if you want to request assistance, which are located on the research page of the Pediatrics SharePoint site. These are also available in the “Statistics Support in Pediatrics” folder found on the COMMON folder of the S:drive.

Please contact Kathy Mathews, MD, Vice Chair for Clinical Investigation, if you have any questions.

2018 NIH Rankings Announced

According to the nationwide 2018 NIH rankings of Departments of Pediatrics receiving NIH funding, the Department has improved its standing.

As a whole the Department was up $2 million over the previous year in NIH funding, and our ranking nationwide went from #27 to #24. More details can be found here.

This is nice progress, and a testament to the robust opportunities to be gained here at Iowa. As the Department dedicates more resources to research recruitment over the next couple years, it is anticipated that this progress will continue. Well done!

Call for Abstracts for Pediatrics Research Day, Friday, April 5, 2019

We invite all fellows, residents, medical students, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students to present their research in poster and oral format on Friday, April 5, 2019. Recent and ongoing work or studies performed as part of summer projects are welcome.

The oral presentations will be 1 minute in length in a data blitz format and will be a brief summary of what will be presented at the poster session. One PowerPoint slide will be expected for each abstract. The data blitz will take place in the UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital Conference Center JCP 2415, (across from Elevator F- 2nd. floor) Friday, April 5th. 2:15-3:00 pm. The poster session and reception will be held from 4:00 to 5:00 pm. at the same location. All pediatric faculty, trainees and their colleagues are invited to attend the poster session. Appetizers and beverages will be served. This session will follow an afternoon of presentations highlighting basic and translational research in the Stead Family Department of Pediatrics.

Cash prizes will be given for the best presentations in the areas of basic and translational/clinical research.

Please submit an abstract and data blitz slide of your presentation to Cheri Stevens (email: The deadline for submission is Friday, March 22, 2019. Please see the research page of the Pediatrics SharePoint site for templates for the abstract and data blitz slide, or contact Cheri.

Dr. Uc Publishes in Gastroenterology on Pancreatitis

Dr. Aliye Uc, Division Director of the Division of Gastroenterolgy, Hepatology, Pancreatology, and Nutrition, published a review of Pancreatitis in Children in Gastroenterology. The review summarizes the definitions, epidemiology, risk factors, diagnosis and management of pediatric pancreatitis, identifies the features that are unique to the childhood-onset disease, identifies gaps and proposes recommendations for future opportunities.