Dr. Larson Ode Receives New Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Katie Larson Ode (Endocrinology and Diabetes) from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to mentor 3 pediatric endocrinologists in the endocrine care of CF patients. The CFF EnVision program, which trains endocrinologists to care for patients with CF, is in its second iteration.  Dr. Larson Ode was a mentee under the first cohort of the award and was asked to be a mentor for the second cohort of the program, which is a big honor.

Her 3 mentees are all located to the west – 2 in California (both affiliated with UCLA) and one in Montana- so she will be doing some traveling out west for the next 3 years.

The grant provides $15,979/year for 3 years, or just shy of $50,000 total. Way to go, Dr. Larson Ode!

Dr. Rysavy Receives F32 Grant from the NIH

Congratulations to Dr. Matt Rysavy (fellow in Neonatology) for receiving an F32 grant from the NIH.

The grant titled “Development and evaluation of a risk-based approach to target vitamin A therapy to prevent bronchopulmonary dysplasia among very low birth weight infants” provides $67,404/year for 2 years for just over $136,000 total.