Newell Receives New K08

Congratulations to Dr. Beth Newell in the Division of Critical Care for receiving a new K08 award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)!.

The award is for “Astrocyte-specific IL-1RI signaling effects following traumatic brain injury“, and provides $187,128/year for 5 years for a total of $935,640.

Way to go, Dr. Newell!

Carter Receives Grant from ADA

Calvin Carter, a post-doc research scholar in Dr. Sheffield’s lab, recently received a grant for “Glycemic Lowering Mechanisms of Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields in Mouse Models of Type 2 Diabetes” from the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

The award provides $61,388/year for 3 years, for a total of $190,413. Dr. Sheffield will serve as mentor on the project, with Calvin as the PI.

Congratulations, Calvin!

Dr. Grose Receives New Subcontract

Congratulations to Dr. Chuck Grose in Pediatric Infectious Diseases for his new subcontract for “Identification and Characterization of Children with Asthma Associated Comorbidities Through Computational and Immune Phenotyping“.

The NIH-funded research was provided to Mayo Clinic, who then subcontracted with Dr. Grose for this portion of the grant. The grant provides $38,125/year for 4 years, for a total of $152,500. Congratulations, Dr. Grose!

Dr. Elgin receives Innovations in Teaching with Technology Award

Dr. Tim Elgin (Neonatology) was awarded $11,500 for his project “The use of biomedical engineering to enhance realism in neonatal simulation based medical education.” The funds are awarded by the Academic Technologies Advisory Council of the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost.

Joining Dr. Elgin in his endeavor will be Lecturers Seth Dillard and Colleen Bringman from Biomedical Engineering.

Resident Teams Receive CATCH Grants from the AAP

Two AAP CATCH grants were awarded to resident teams recently. This is a national, competitive process through the AAP to encourage pediatricians to collaborate within their communities to advance Child Health initiatives.  Of the 18 proposals awarded nationally, two were right here in our program!  The teams will have up to $2000 awarded to advance their initiatives.

  • A LatinXchange project will be lead by Dr. Melanie Reyes-Hernandez (PL3), with mentoring provided by Dr. Marguerite Oetting.


  • A Healthy Hawkeye Smiles project will be lead by Drs. Rachel Segal and Michael Cole (PL2’s) and Elizabeth Wilkinson (pediatric dental resident), with mentoring provided by Dr. Jody Murph.


Pediatrics Faculty Receive New Grants

Congratulations to the faculty below on receiving new grants!

Peg Nopoulos, MD in Psychiatry received a new UG3 from NHLBI for which two Pediatrics faculty are co-investigators: Drs. Amy Conrad and Ed Bell. The award, titled “Transfusion of prematurity early school age follow-up clinical coordinating center” grants $3.97 million over 5 years.





On behalf of the CHSC, Dr. Tom Scholz received an award from HRSA for “Increase access to pediatric mental health services, especially in underserved communities, through telehealth-based behavioral health integration in pediatric primary care in Iowa”. The grant awards $2.2 million over 5 years.

Dr. Kathy Mathews received a grant from the FDA for “2018 Institute for Advanced Clinical Trials for Children”. The award provides $7,500 for the trials.