Staff Spotlight – Ravi Ashwath, MBBS, MD

Dr. Ashwath is Clinical Associate Professor in the Division of Cardiology.

I am a pediatric cardiologist with dual appointment in Pediatrics and Radiology. I started here Jan of 2017. I wear many hats. I am the director of Non- invasive Cardiology and Pediatric Cardiac MRI. I am director of Pediatric Cardiology fellowship and Medical Director of Pediatric Speciality clinics.

I’m interested to do cutting edge clinical stuff- for now it is 3D printing and Virtual Reality.

Married to my beautiful wife who does the same thing as me but all adult related ( adult Cardiologist- MRI specialist). 2 wonderful kids 7 year old daughter and 11 year old son. Originally from Silicon Valley of India- Bangalore.

We like to travel places, meet friends and family. Hobbies include yard work and reading non fictional books.

I am leaving my dream job. What else can I ask for other than waking up in the morning and ready to help people and see some great smiles

Most fascinating place I’ve ever visited? Mt McKinley in Alaska by helicopter ride was breathtaking.

Favorite food or restaurant? Biryani is my favorite food. Paradise restaurant is the best I have found locally.

Favorite sports team? Chicago Bulls at its peak.

Favorite book or movie? Mahabharatha, the Indian Epic mythological Novel. Movie-ET.

If I had 3 wishes, they would be for Health, Happiness, and Good company.

Fun fact: My culinary skills are a hidden secret.

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