Staff Spotlight – Heidi Hansen

Heidi is a Business Analyst within Pediatrics Records Management but wears a couple different hats.

It’s complicated! I was hired as EPIC support and to help oversee Records Management (aka Chart Control), I am currently also in Pulmonary and help support Allergy/Immunology Administratively for both. I have been with UIHC since 2016 (Scheduling) but was with UICMS-North Liberty Family Practice and General Pediatrics before that in a management position starting in 2010. I also have experience administratively in ENT, GI, and the dental world prior to coming to Iowa City.

I have a wonderful husband of 23 years named Aaron; an almost 18 year old named Cole (we don’t know where he is going to college but he will go!); and Raegan, our daughter who is 14. Couple of items about my kids (have to toot the horn): Cole just made All State for music for the 4th time. He plays the upright bass and will be on of eighteen representing the state of Iowa. Raegan is a pitcher for Jaguars softball and is in her last season of playing for them, she also plays softball at Liberty HS, and is a Varsity Cheerleader.

Currently my kids are my hobbies, my husband don’t have a lot of free time after them. HOWEVER, we love to travel and find good Netflicks shows to watch together. We do as much together as possible during our currently hectic schedule. Someday I will have time and energy to sit down and read a book again.

Dream job? This is a hard one. I’ve worked in so many fields and have always just had fun with whatever I was doing at that time. I think my favorite past job was when I was a buyer building a gas fired power plant. It was fun spending someone else’s money even if it was purchasing rebar and concrete!

Since we aren’t exciting yet with our travels Cancun is probably my favorite place to visit. I can’t say any of my homes have been fascinating.

Favorite restaurant? Brix (downtown IC). We love grabbing a bottle of wine and some charcuterie.

Fun fact: I have a one eyed dog and yes, his name was Jack prior to losing it. He became “One Eyed Jack” last spring.

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