Staff Spotlight – Danielle Rios, MD

Dr. Rios is Clinical Associate Professor in the Division of Neonatology.

I am a neonatologist and work in the NICU during my clinical time. I am also a clinical researcher and have devoted my time to improving outcomes for the most extremely premature infants. I just started here at UI Healthcare on October of this year and am excited to get to know more about my colleagues.

I am engaged to Mark Troutt who is a consultant for oil & gas IT. He grew up in Houston and I grew up in a small town in Arizona. We relocated here from Houston (Go Astros!!).

My favorite thing to do is to travel to new places and experience other cultures. In my free time, I like to read and spend time with friends and family. Currently, all my free time is taken up by furnishing and decorating our new house.

Currently at the top of my favorite places to visit is Greece and specifically Santorini (though all of it was amazing). A close second is Maui where we try to visit often (it helps that it is closer).

My favorite type of food is Sonoran style Mexican food (mostly found in AZ and CA) but I also love Italian food in general and restaurants with homemade pasta.

Fun fact: I love music and I learned to play 5 different instruments as I was growing up. My two favorites were the piano and flute, which I haven’t played for far too long. I am currently attempting to convince my fiancé that we should buy a piano for the house (I kept my flute so I still have that).

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