Halloween Costume Reminder – 2019

Everyone working, learning, and volunteering at UI Hospitals and Clinics is reminded that the Professional Appearance Policy (HR-03.21) prohibits holiday or event-themed costumes, including Halloween costumes.

Because play is an evidence-based and critical component of care for pediatric patients at UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital, two exceptions to the policy will be allowed on Thursday, Oct. 31:

  1. From 7 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital faculty and staff whose primary clinical assignment is in UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital inpatient units and clinics may wear appropriate, kid-friendly costumes. As always, clinical staff must always wear their ID badges without attachments and with picture/name visible while on duty (no lanyards, badge worn at lapel level, NOT on waist or belt).
  2. From 2:00 to ~4 p.m. faculty and staff members who are participating in the UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital “Trunk or Treat” event in the Gerdin Family Lobby (Level 1) may wear appropriate, kid-friendly costumes for the event only.

The following costumes/accessories are not permitted:

  • Masks or other full-face coverings
  • Costumes that interfere with clinical duties and/or patient safety
  • Costumes depicting monsters, death, controversial political figures or other frightening characters
  • Items resembling guns or weapons
  • Costumes which promote harmful stereotypes, including those based on race, creed (religion), color, national origin, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity
  • Costumes that are of a revealing nature that would not be considered acceptable under normal work circumstances
  • Unclean or soiled clothing items

All other faculty, staff, student employees, and volunteers are expected to adhere to the Professional Appearance policy by not wearing Halloween costumes, masks, or makeup.

Thank you for helping to ensure a safe and respectful work environment.

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