Staff Spotlight – Lyndsay Harshman, MD, MS

Dr. Harshman is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Nephrology, Dialysis, and Transplantation.

I started as faculty in 2016. I completed all of my medical training at the UI – including medical school, residency and fellowship.

I primarily see transplant patients in our renal clinic but also have worked with colleagues in neurology and genetics to start a multidisciplinary tuberous sclerosis clinic. I have a research focus on cognition and brain development in chronic kidney disease.

I’m married to Jonathan who is a teacher. My children are Henry (6) and Margaret (2).

I enjoy playing piano and play regularly at church I love spending time with my husband and kids in my free time – we have recently been enjoying watching Henry play hockey and t-ball!

I was a competitive pianist in high school and selected as both an all-state accompanist and all-state jazz pianist when in high school.

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