Staff Spotlight – Lisa Neff-Letts

Lisa is an Admin Services Specialist and Division Coordinator in the Division of Medical Genetics and Genomics

I have been in my current role for the past 12 years. As such, I manage the daily oversight / office management for the Division of Medical Genetics & Genomics. I work with our healthcare team and scheduling to assure patients are scheduled into the correct clinics. I am the Program Coordinator for the Iowa Metabolic Food & Formula Program. This consists of preparing and managing the budget for this program, overseeing the metabolic food orders for this 100+ patient population and analyzing program data, developing the annual program and fiscal reports. I am also the Program Coordinator for the Medical Genetics & Genomics Residency Program. I manage the administrative activities and scheduling related to education (fellowships, residencies, job shadows, observers) for the Division of Medical Genetics & Genomics and the Cytogenetics Lab. I have been at the University for 28 years. I began my career here as a Secretary in the Dialysis Unit. I worked in Pharmacology and in Clinical Outcomes and Resourse management prior to my position here.

My husband, Roger and I live in Washington. We have three children and three grandkids. Roger and I like to ride motorcycles on weekends. Our newest hobby this year is camping. We are hoping to do a lot more of both this summer, but so far…the weather has not been cooperating.

My dream job would be a wedding planner. I like being able to help others and this would be a great outlet.

The most fascinating place that I visited has been Washington DC just for the historical factors alone.

My favorite movie of all time is actually a tie between “Gone with the Wind” and the “Wizard of Oz”.

If I had 3 wishes, they would be for: Health, Happiness and a little bit of cash wouldn’t hurt either.

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