Dr. D’Alessandro Recognized by the APA

Dr. Donna D’Alessandro (General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine) was recently recognized by the Board of Directors of the Academic Pediatric Association for her contributions to the organization, both in the past and ongoing. The text of the letter received by the Department is below. Congratulations, Dr. D’Alessandro!

“Dear Dr. Eva Tsalikian,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Academic Pediatric Association (APA), I want to recognize the numerous contributions of Donna D’Alessandro to the Academic Pediatric Association:

• Communications Committee Member, provides thought leadership to the committee and assists in the implementation of communication and engagement strategies, 2017-present

• Educational Scholars Program, Chair and Cohort Leader, responsible for the entire 25-member cohort and faculty members, oversees curriculum, evaluation and the research committees, 2017-present

• Academic Pediatrics Journal, Reviewer

• Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) Meeting, annually reviews workshops and abstracts submissions, 1995-present

• Speed Mentoring Task Force, provided thought leadership for the program since its inception, participated as a mentor, 1995-2019

• National Academy of Distinguished Educators in Pediatrics Task Force, provides thought leadership to the executive leadership committee in the development of the national academy, 2017-present

Your colleague is an extremely valued contributor to the Academic Pediatric Association. Her leadership has been instrumental.

In the current academic medicine environment, competing priorities place significant pressure and time constraints on faculty. We appreciate the time and expertise Dr. D’Alessandro has provided to the APA. As you may know, the APA is an organization dedicated to nurturing the academic success and career development of child health professionals to enhance the well-being of all children. It is only with the contributions of esteemed faculty like Dr. D’Alessandro that we can achieve this goal. Dr. D’Alessandro is an outstanding leader and a highly regarded colleague. We sincerely appreciate her contributions and support of the APA.”

s/paul chung, MD, president, academic pediatric association

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