Phommaly Receives You Make a Difference Award

Congratulations to Connie Phommaly, Program Coordinator in General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, for receiving a You Make a Difference Award for providing excellent customer service! From the nomination:

“Our family would like to thank Connie Phommaly in Pediatrics for helping us get a circumcision appointment for our son. It was very frustrating and confusing for us leaving the hospital and being asked to follow up through email to get this done. I sent an email when we got home and she called us the very next day. She didn’t seem sure on how to make the appointment for us and made a comment that she worked in the administration offices but told us she would make sure a Dr at a clinic in North Liberty would do it for us. This was before the July 4th holiday and we had our appointment confirmed about an hour after she called us. She sent us a very nice email and called us again after she confirmed the appointment and sent us directions to the clinic because we were coming from Wellman and didn’t know the North Liberty area. She also talked my wife about setting up an online chart to see the appointment. She did everything for us and we just had to show up. The visit at the clinic was very easy and convenient. We didn’t know that we could do this at regular Dr’s office. Everything was great and Connie made it happen for us during a very busy time and all the things you have to do with a new baby.”

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