Staff Spotlight – Brynna Van Wyk

Brynna is an ARNP in the Division of Nephrology, Dialysis, and Transplantation.

I work in Pediatric Nephrology primary in the inpatient setting. My career at Iowa began in 2008 as a staff nurse in the PICU. In 2011, I joined Pediatric Nephrology as an advanced practice provider.

I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart, Lance, since 2005. We’ve been blessed with two children – Bentley (age 6) and Layna (age 3). The newest addition to our family is a golden doodle puppy named Dodger.

In my free time I like to be outdoors – go for a hike or a good walk. I also enjoy catching up with friends, and going on little adventures with my family.

My favorite book would be any historical fiction and sometimes I enjoy a good biography.

Fun fact: I wanted to be a nurse since I was in kindergarten, and by the time I was in high school I worked the 3-11pm shift as a nursing assistant in our local hospital.

Additional Photos from Employee Appreciation Breakfast, 3/7/19.

Below are the basket winners and some additional photos from the Employee Appreciation Breakfast on March 7, 2019.

Melissa Hatfield (Records Manaagement)
Dr. Amy Calhoun (Medical Genetics)
Dr. Bola Olayinka (Palliative Care, GenPeds)
Jackie Russ (Infectious Diseases)
Lauren Jordan (Medical Genetics)
Lori Kelly (Cardiology)
Dr. Rachel Han, PL3
Ryan Rancour (Cytogenetics)
Scott Fedler (Administration)
Dr. Mary Jeno, PL1

Other select pictures below.

Dr. Vyas (Hematology/Oncology) was the winner of the “Best Dressed Chef” contest, pictured here with Dr. David Dickens (oncology).

Baby Photos from the 4/26/19 Employee Appreciation Breakfast

Below are the baby photos from the “Who Are They?” game from the employee breakfast, identified to the matched individual.

Melissa Whisler
Dr. Polly Ferguson
Dr. Alex Bassuk
Dr. Aliye Uc
Dr. Edward Bell
Cody Ching
John Heinemann
Dr. Ian Law
Dr. Paul McCray
Rachel McGuire
Dr. Patrick McNamara
Dr. Carla Nester
Stefanie Pirkl
Dr. Amy Stier
Dr. Lane Strathearn

Dr. Modi Featured in JMML Patient Story

Dr. Arun Modi from Hematology/Oncology was featured in a patient story about treating a toddler with a rare form of cancer – juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia, or JMML. JMML is a serious chronic leukemia that affects mostly boys 2 years old or younger. It accounts for about 2 percent of pediatric cancers and affects one or two children out of 1 million each year.

“This is the kind of cancer where your bone marrow produces an erratic type of blood cell, generally due to some kind of genetic defect in the cells, not in the body,” Modi says. “Carter had a very specific genetic defect in his blood cells that made it very resistant to normal treatments, like chemotherapy.”

Well done, Dr. Modi!

Employee Appreciation Event, March 7, 2019

Thank you to all who attended the Staff Appreciation Breakfast this morning. It was great to see so many people from the Department sharing time together!

The following staff were winners of the gift baskets.

  • Melissa Hatfield – Records Management
  • Lori Kelly – Cardiology
  • Lauren Jordan – Medical Genetics
  • Bola Olayinka – Palliative Care (GenPeds)
  • Mary Jeno – resident, PL1
  • Scott Fedler – Administration
  • Amy Calhoun – Medical Genetics
  • Rachel Han – resident, PL3
  • Jackie Russ – Infectious Diseases
  • Ryan Rancour – Cytogenetics

Below are the answers to the trivia questions from the PowerPoint slideshow:

  1. What is the newest accredited Fellowship program?
    1. C. Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics 
  2. Who was the founding Chair of the Department of Pediatrics?
    1. B – Dr. Albert H. Byfield
  3. Who founded the UI Cytogenetics Lab in 1960?
    1. A. Dr. Johannes Zellweger
  4. Which Endocrinology Division faculty has a first degree black belt in American-style Karate?
    1. D. Dr. Katie Larson Ode
  5. How many new faculty and staff did we welcome in 2018?
    1. C. 50-60
  6. Which Division will be celebrating 25 years of existence on July 1st and is still staffed by same secretary since day one?
    1. A. Division of Critical Care
  7. Which Division Director was once on call for six months straight?
    1. B. Dr. Eva Tsalikian
  8. Which Division has a physician and an ARNP that are UI employees but work at Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines?
    1. B. Division of Nephrology
  9. Which Division has doubled in size in the past year?
    1. D. Division of Infectious Diseases

Photos from the event as well as the matched baby photos will be posted shortly.

The remaining food was donated to the Ronald McDonald House, and provided to families in the PICU on behalf of the Department.

On behalf of Dr. Hirsch, Melissa Whisler, and the rest of the Department leadership, thank you all for attending and spending time with your colleagues in the Department!

DeGeeter and Tigges Accepted into 2019-2020 Teaching Scholars Program

Congratulations to Dr. Catherine DeGeeter (Gastroenterlogy, Hepatology, Pancreatology and Nutrition) and Dr. Cody Tigges (Critical Care) for being accepted into the College of Medicine’s 2019-2020 class for the Teaching Scholars Program!

The Teaching Scholars Program promotes faculty development efforts in the College of Medicine by developing a cadre of faculty with advanced skills in teaching and related areas who can then convey this knowledge to their departments. A new class is accepted every other year with the 10th class starting in September 2019.