Employee Appreciation Event, March 7, 2019

Thank you to all who attended the Staff Appreciation Breakfast this morning. It was great to see so many people from the Department sharing time together!

The following staff were winners of the gift baskets.

  • Melissa Hatfield – Records Management
  • Lori Kelly – Cardiology
  • Lauren Jordan – Medical Genetics
  • Bola Olayinka – Palliative Care (GenPeds)
  • Mary Jeno – resident, PL1
  • Scott Fedler – Administration
  • Amy Calhoun – Medical Genetics
  • Rachel Han – resident, PL3
  • Jackie Russ – Infectious Diseases
  • Ryan Rancour – Cytogenetics

Below are the answers to the trivia questions from the PowerPoint slideshow:

  1. What is the newest accredited Fellowship program?
    1. C. Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics 
  2. Who was the founding Chair of the Department of Pediatrics?
    1. B – Dr. Albert H. Byfield
  3. Who founded the UI Cytogenetics Lab in 1960?
    1. A. Dr. Johannes Zellweger
  4. Which Endocrinology Division faculty has a first degree black belt in American-style Karate?
    1. D. Dr. Katie Larson Ode
  5. How many new faculty and staff did we welcome in 2018?
    1. C. 50-60
  6. Which Division will be celebrating 25 years of existence on July 1st and is still staffed by same secretary since day one?
    1. A. Division of Critical Care
  7. Which Division Director was once on call for six months straight?
    1. B. Dr. Eva Tsalikian
  8. Which Division has a physician and an ARNP that are UI employees but work at Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines?
    1. B. Division of Nephrology
  9. Which Division has doubled in size in the past year?
    1. D. Division of Infectious Diseases

Photos from the event as well as the matched baby photos will be posted shortly.

The remaining food was donated to the Ronald McDonald House, and provided to families in the PICU on behalf of the Department.

On behalf of Dr. Hirsch, Melissa Whisler, and the rest of the Department leadership, thank you all for attending and spending time with your colleagues in the Department!

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