Staff Spotlight – Scott Fedler

Scott is an Admin Services Specialist and has been Dr. Hirsch’s assistant for almost a year. Before that, he worked in GenPeds for 10 years and Peds HR/credentialing/admin for about 4 years. He has one son who will likely start at the UI next Fall. He loves to be outdoors, is a novice photographer, loves to go to concerts/shows when he can, or enjoys reading or doing puzzles at home. He loves “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” series, or most any book by Douglas Adams, and love lots of movies – “Meet Joe Black”, “Moneyball”, the LOTR series, and “The Natural” are some of his favorites.

He has his Bachelor’s degree in Music Education and was a band director for 4 years before eventually landing a job at the UI in 2003. He has two black cats – Magnus and Castiel – and lives in Williamsburg. 

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