April Newsletter

The month in review

Here is a summary of what has occupied the DEO office in April:

Medicaid Upper Payment Limit (UPL) initiatives

As a major Medicaid provider, the Stead Family Department of Pediatrics is benefiting from the UPL payments coming to UIP for the purpose of advancing quality, care coordination, and access to care for Medicaid patients. The first round of Innovation Projects has been approved by UIP and the College of Medicine and we are currently working to implement them. They include the following (Responsible individuals indicated in parentheses):

  • Clinic Scribes Pilot (Bishop)
  • Insurance Authorization Central Support (Whisler)
  • Improved Care for the Adolescent Population (Hirsch)
  • Expand Pediatric Pain and Palliative Care Access (Benson)
  • Outpatient Chronic Pain Clinic (Mathews/Bishop/Ferguson/Benson)
  • Improved Care Coordination by embedding social workers, care coordinators, and psychologists into the clinics (Tsalikian/Bishop/Cooper Brown)
  • Improved dietary/social worker support for Cystic Fibrosis Center (McCray)
  • Subspecialty Fellowships (Rahhal)
  • eConsult (Brophy/Wacker/Scholz)


I held a number of Chairman’s Rounds with the residents. Chairman’s Rounds are held most Tuesdays at 12:15 pm in Zellweger Conference Room. The residents present a patient currently in the hospital who represents either a diagnostic or a management challenge (sometimes both). Nate Price and Jason Misurac have been regular faculty participants and I want to encourage faculty and fellows to attend these interesting discussions even if you are not involved in the care of the patient because it enriches the discussion and adds to the educational experience of the residents and students.


The second of two finalists for Director of Adolescent Medicine was here for his second visit, along with his spouse. We are currently in discussion with the finalist for this position.

Two candidates for Infectious Diseases clinical faculty were here for interviews. We are moving forward with the finalist for this position. I also spoke with a candidate for Director of the Division who will be coming for a visit in May.

A candidate for Director of the Division of Allergy/Immunology and Pulmonary Medicine was here for a first visit.

Two candidates for Interventional Cardiology faculty were here for interviews.


The Department held its annual Research Day on April 8th. It was an outstanding day filled with great talks, posters, and data presentations.


I meet annually with each member of the faculty. In April I met with John Dagle, Erik Edens, and Tony Fischer to discuss their career development.

I held my monthly one on one meetings with the Vice Chairs and Division Directors as well as my monthly Vice Chair group meetings and biweekly group Division Director meetings.

Clinical Programs

Psychology: Linda Cooper Brown, Lane Strathearn, Dave Wacker and I met to discuss expansion of the clinical psychology program. We are planning an external review of this program with the goal of expanding services into our pediatric primary and specialty clinics to better serve the needs of our patients.

PSC: We held a monthly routine meeting to discuss PSC workflow improvement as well as a monthly routine meeting to discuss PSC scheduling improvement.

Satellite Clinics: We held a monthly Children’s Hospital satellite meeting to discuss our current satellite in Bettendorf as well as our planned satellites in Waterloo, Dubuque, and Cedar Rapids.

Pediatric Associates held its monthly board meeting.

Children’s Hospital

The Children’s Hospital Executive Oversight Committee met to discuss progress of the new hospital. Routine Transition Activation Planning (TAP) meetings continue in preparation for the move to the new hospital next year.

In my role as Physician-in-Chief of the Children’s Hospital I met with Terri Brennan, the UIHC Chief Medical Officer, to discuss common issues and initiatives.

Note from Ed Bell, Vice Chair for Faculty Development

  • Mentorship

By now, all junior faculty members should have submitted their updated CVs and 3-year career plans. First-year junior faculty members should have submitted the names of their primary mentors and mentoring committee members. We hope you will find our mentorship system helpful. We provide the framework, but it only works if you do your part. The system was created for you. Please take advantage of our mentorship system, and pass along your ideas for improving it.

  • Promotion

The Promotions Advisory Committee has met and identified promotion candidates for this year’s review. If you are an assistant professor or associate professor and have not heard from us, you are not among the promotion candidates we identified. If you wonder whether we might have overlooked you, come and see me and we can discuss this. The Promotions Advisory Committee will give you our best advice, but you should also be aware that you have a right to initiate a formal promotion review even if the Committee advises you to wait. The deadline for letting us know if you want to be reviewed for promotion this year is June 1.


Raphael Hirsch, MD

Chair, Stead Family Department of Pediatrics

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