Advanced imaging in a calming space

Artwork featuring Iowa landscapes, such as wetlands, prairie, farms, and woodlands, will decorate the walls in the imaging and procedure suite of the new children’s hospital.

When the new children’s hospital opens in December, it will feature an innovative imaging and procedure suite that combines imaging, sedation, procedures, and recovery in one place. Co-locating these services improves operational efficiency, provides a consistent standard of care, and fosters collaboration among the care team.

Six procedure rooms—double the number currently available—will be located on Lower Level 2 in the new hospital. This increased capacity, especially designed to redirect kids’ focus away from their procedures, will help decrease waiting time and allow for more convenient scheduling.

There will be seven imaging rooms: two ultrasound rooms, two X-ray rooms, a CT room, an MRI room, and a fluoroscopy room. An additional room has been designed to house a second MRI in the future. Sedated hearing tests and dental procedures for patients with complex medical conditions also will be performed on this level. Some dental services will move from operating rooms to the new procedure room, freeing OR time for other patients.

Several design features will provide distractions to help kids cope while undergoing a scan or medical procedure. These include the use of colorful patterns in the flooring, integration of fiber optic lighting on the ceiling, and embedded artwork featuring Iowa landscapes displayed in the line of sight of patients. Collectively, these design elements, carefully considered by the radiology and child life teams, should help lessen the need for anesthesia.

All of the imaging equipment has the most advanced and accurate imaging capabilities, using the lowest radiation level necessary for imaging children. This will improve patient safety and further improve the ability to obtain a quality image needed to make a diagnosis.