DISC Personalized Leadership Assessment


Gain knowledge and insight into your behavioral work style, and learn how to leverage these perspectives to build strong working relationships. Learn tailored approaches for adapting your approach to relate better to other styles. You’ll cultivate a unique self-awareness of your thinking patterns and behavioral tendencies that either create success or stress at work. These services are based on The Universal Language™ known as the DISC, and are provided by certified DISC instructors at the UI.

DISC assessment and behavioral consulting session fees:

  • $95 for UI employees (faculty and staff) or UI employee spouse or partner
  • $395 for non-UI employees


Online DISC assessment, comprehensive, personalized DISC report, and 1.5 hour initial consulting session. This session will help you to understand the DISC and your individual report.

What is the DISC?

The DISC can help you gain insight into your own behaviors and others, including the management of:

  • Problems and challenges—Dominance (D factor)
  • People and influencing of others—Influence (I factor)
  • Change and pacing yourself at work—Steadiness (S factor)
  • Rules and procedures set by others—Compliance (C factor)

How does the process work?

After you register, you’ll receive a letter with directions for accessing your online DISC assessment. Prior to the consultation session, you’ll take this 30-minute exercise, which will result in a detailed, comprehensive report (approximately 20-25 pages long) giving you information about how you interact with others as well as style indicators for other people’s behaviors.

After completing the DISC, staff from UI Learning and Development will contact you to arrange for your consultation. Consultations can be done over the phone (we can call you).  At the 1.5 hour consultation session, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the DISC language. What is your natural style, and what adaptations do you make in your environment? You’ll also receive ideas for applying your DISC in your life through goal-setting.

What are the benefits of learning and applying the DISC?

  • Gain commitment and cooperation.
  • Build effective relationships and teams.
  • Resolve and prevent conflict.
  • Gain endorsement and support.
  • Increase motivation and sales or resources.
  • Manage time more effectively.

For more information on the DISC Personalized Leadership Assessment, please contact UIHealthcare-L-and-D@uiowa.edu.