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Nearly 8,000 patients at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics can  now safely and securely view their medical records online whenever and wherever they want. MyChart® service was begun in 2010 on a pilot basis in selected departments. By the spring of 2011, all UI Hospitals and Clinics patients will be able to access personal medical records from their home computers.

Barbara Miller

Iowa City's Barbara Miller enjoys the convenience of using MyChart® at home.

Patients are offered the opportunity to sign up for MyChart when they come to their appointments. Among the users is Barbara Miller, 60, of Iowa City “After making numerous trips to doctors the past six months, my home medication file is overflowing, so it is wonderful to have everything in one place,” she says. “Reading through my history and having everything right there brought tears to my eyes. It is very comforting to know all my information is so accessible.”

Another MyChart fan is Robert Ott, 84, of Davenport. Ott discovered MyChart’s benefits during a follow-up phone conversation after his first clinic appointment. “As an older person who is hard of hearing, it’s sometimes difficult to comprehend everything said on the phone,” he says. “This circumvents that problem by having all of the doctors’ advice and directions right there in black and white. MyChart is excellent and I endorse it 100 percent!”

MyChart patients can:

  • See test results
  • Request a prescription renewal
  • View their medical records
  • Request an appointment
  • Send a secure MyChart message to their health care team
  • Find helpful health tips and other trusted information

2 Responses to “See your medical record!”

  1. Mark Spielman says:

    I have never set up an account to read my medical history and Prescription list.

    What do I need to do?

  2. sondergardm says:

    If you are, or have been, a patient at UI Hospitals and Clinics, you have the option of setting up a MyChart account. This would give you free, confidential online access to the information you are seeking. We have included a link to our MyChart web page for your convenience. Good luck!
    –Health at Iowa Editor

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