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Xiao Peng wins the Subramanian Thesis Award

Xiao Peng, who recently completed her PhD with Kris DeMali, has been named the winner of the 2011 Subramanian Award for best PhD thesis in the Department of Biochemistry. Dr. Peng was an American Heart Association-funded graduate student who focused on the role of vinculin in adherens junctions. With this support, she uncovered the first role for vinculin in cell-cell junctions and identified novel mechanisms for the activation and recruitment of vinculin to sites of intercellular adhesion.

Xiao is pursuing post-doctoral studies at the University of California San Francisco in the laboratory of Dr. Keith Mostov.

Xiao is the 18th winner of the Subramanian Award, which is made possible by a gift from Dr. Alap Subramanian, a 1964 PhD from the department, who parlayed his training with the late George Kalnitzky into a highly succesful career at the Max-Planck-Institut. Our deepest thanks to Dr. Subraminian and our heartiest congratulations to Dr. Peng.

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