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Xiao Peng is the Barkan Outstanding Graduate Student Mentor

Congratulations to Xiao Peng for being selected as the Sandra H. Barkan Outstanding Graduate Mentor for 2011. Ms. Peng, a graduate student with Dr. Kris DeMali, has mentored undergraduates including Cort Lawton, Ashley Angell and Allison Lane. Impressively, two of her three undergraduate collaborators will have published papers with her. Ms. Peng’s first publication with Dr. DeMali in J. Cell Sci. included Mr. Lawton and described the first role for vinculin in adherens junctions.  Additionally, she and Ms. Angell are preparing a manuscript on the role of vinculin phosphorylation.

Originally from Chengdu, China, Ms. Peng plans on doing her post-doctoral fellowship with Dr. Keith Mostov at the University of California, San Francisco after she defends her thesis on April 22nd.

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