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Work by Wold and Elcock labs reviewed in PNAS

Two recent commentaries in PNAS have highlighted high impact papers from the Department of Biochemistry. Yong-jie Xu and Michael Leffak, in an August 3 commentary, regarded a collaborative publication between Jun-Hyuk Choi, Laura Lindsey-Boltza, Michael Kempa and Aziz Sancar at University of North Carolina and Aaron Mason and Marc Wold as a major advance in cell cycle checkpoint signaling for the in vitro assembly of a human checkpoint system from defined components.  Gary Pielak and Andrew Miklos, in an October 12 commentary, reproduced a figure from Sean McGuffee and Adrian Elcock’s PLOS Computational Biology paper and regarded Dr. Elcock’s review on macromolecular crowding as thorough and thought-provoking.  Congratulations to the Wold and Elcock laboratories for these notices.

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