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Two Iowa grads named Fellows of the AAAS

This year’s class of Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science includes two Hawkeyes, Professors John York of Duke University and Susan Wente of Vanderbilt University.  York and Wente were both undergraduate biochemistry majors at Iowa, who have had illustrious careers.  John York did his PhD with Phil Majerus at  Washington University, where he established a major presence in inositol phosphate signaling.  He is now a Professor of Pharmacology & Cancer Biology and of Biochemistry and a Howard Hughes Investigator at Duke University.  Susan Wente did her PhD at Berkeley and her post-doctoral work at Rockefeller before joining the faculty at Washington University, where she rose through the ranks.  She then moved to Vanderbilt to chair Cell Biology.  In addition to running her research group on nucleocytoplasmic trafficking, she is now Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Senior Associate Dean for Biomedical Sciences at the Vanderbilt School of Medicine.  Congratulations to these phenomenal Iowa Biochem majors!

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