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Tenth Annual Gene F. Lata Undergraduate Symposium

Twelve students presented at this year’s Undergraduate Honors Program. This year marks the tenth year for the Gene F. Lata Undergraduate Research Symposium. Please join Professor Marc Wold, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Honors Advisor, in congratulating these 2014 graduates and their research mentors for a job well done:

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  • Gabriel  Baccam
    Mentor: Lori Wallrath
    Modeling Skin Blistering Disease in Drosophila
  • Reid Brown
    Mentor: Adrian Elcock
    Investigation of Nucleoside Nucleoside Interactions Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation
  • Zac Builta
    Mentor: Dan Weeks
    Purification and assay of enzymatic activity of phage ΦC31 integrase protein using a protein splicing system: Isolation of an enzyme to make transgenic frogs
  • Sophia Chen
    Mentor: Kris DeMali
    Vinculin-actin interactions in cell migration
  • Lisa Golden
    Mentor: Ernie Fuentes
    Exploring the Specificities, Thermodynamics, and Structures of Tiam2 PDZ Mutants
  • Frances Hindt
    Mentor: Ernie Fuentes
    Characterizing the Tiam1-Talin Complex
  • Kyle Klingbeil
    Mentor: Charles Brenner
    Use of nicotinamide riboside to oppose the development of alcoholic fatty liver in the mouse
  • Dagan Marx
    Mentor: Madeline Shea
    Recognition of Human Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels by Calmodulin
  • Ebosetale Okoruwa
    Mentor: Marc Wold
    High Throughput Assay for RPA-Protein Interactions
  • Oluwatoni Olayiwola
    Mentor: Adrian Elcock
    Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Conformational Behavior of Tripeptides in Aqueous Solution
  • Michael Schrodt
    Mentor: Adrian Elcock
    Conformational Flexibility of Short Single-Stranded DNA and RNA Systems Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation
  • Dylan Thiemann
    Mentor: Adrian Elcock
    GPU accelerated computing and its role in Brownian Dynamic simulations

The symposium also included the presentation of two undergraduate awards, made possible by a gift from Alap Subramanian. The H.G. Wittmann Scholar Award was presented to Kyle Klingbeil (Brenner lab) and the H.G. Khorana Scholar Award was presented to Lisa Golden (Fuentes lab), recognizing their exceptional understanding of biochemistry and its value to society.

Congratulations to everyone named above and all of our 2014 graduates!

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