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Taylor lab publishes in Cell Metabolism

The Taylor laboratory has recently published an article entitled “Hepatic Mitochondrial Pyruvate Carrier 1 Is Required for Efficient Regulation of Gluconeogenesis and Whole-Body Glucose Homeostasis” in Cell Metabolism. Postdoctoral Fellow Larry Gray was first author of this work.

Gray et al. show that the Mitochondrial Pyruvate Carrier (MPC), is critical for controlling glucose production in the liver and could potentially be a new target for drugs to treat diabetes. Dr. Taylor is quoted in UI News The Loop, “Essentially, we found that disruption of the MPC makes the liver less efficient at making glucose and, as a result, the liver burns more fat for energy, makes less cholesterol, and makes less glucose in models of diabetes.” He continued, “This overall change in metabolism matches outcomes that would be therapeutically desirable for people with diabetes.” Read the full feature on their article here.


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