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Swain accepts Undergraduate Advisor Position in Biochemistry

Biochemistry has created a new position of Undergraduate Adviser, which will be held by Dr. Elisabeth Swain.  Biochemistry undergraduates will continue to be advised as freshman by the Academic Advising Center.  In the spring of their freshman year, they will transition to departmental advising, which will be handled by Elisabeth.

Elisabeth is a 1993 University of Iowa PhD and has served as a Lecturer in Biochemistry since 1996.  Her honors include the 2005 and the 2011 College of Pharmacy P1 Teacher of the Year.  She was the first to offer an online Biochemistry course at the University of Iowa in the fall of 2010 and she led the redesign of 99:140, the undergraduate Biochemistry laboratory course in the spring of 2011, focusing on lactate dehydrogenase.  In the 2013-2014 academic year, she will continue to teach 99:140 in addition to holding the role of Undergraduate Adviser.

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